Category: Sausages


Sliced Salchichon Specialist Provider

From the best Spanish white pork. Prepared sliced ​​and ready to serve. Ideal for sandwiches or as tapas. Also be used in pizza and salads. We can offer any type of weight or presentation you want. Spanish salchichon ​​is appreciated worldwide for its aroma and flavor. We offer the best price, ask us to quote.


Manufacturer Specialized in Salami

Salami specialist provider. In pieces of 2 kgs approx. or industrial pieces. We can also provide half or sliced ​​vacuum parts on any type of weight and size you need. Manufacturing Salami: diameter of 90 mm. or diameter 120 mms. Salami Products: 1 Extra Salami C/90 (white or transparent casing) 2 Extra Pepper Salami 3 Extra Salami Fine Herbs 4...