Frozen Ham Block

Vacuum Ham Block Boneless.

  • Product Description: Served frozen normal block or double block.
  • Skinless and boneless.
  • High performance, zero shrinkage.
  • Cured: 9 months.
  • The block is frozen to easyslicing for industrial machine. The ham is preformed rectangular pan for perfect and full utilization, so you will not have any leakage.
  • This kind of product is widely used by manufacturers of ready meals such as pizza, cakes, cordon bleu, potato balls, manufacturers of snacks, sandwiches, etc...
  • Weight 5 kgs.
  • Units per box: 2
  • Boxes per EUR Pallet: 50
  • Minimum Order: 1 EUR Pallet.
  • Shipment Method: road or shipping company.
  • Payment Method: Bank Transfer / Others.
  • Product Label: we can give you a brand exclusively for your area. We can also put your own brand or that you specify.
  • Preferent markets: Europe and Asia

We have the best price in the entire market.

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