Why you should always buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

In the market there are 3 types of olive oil:

a. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It comes from healthy olives, is its natural juice obtained solely by mechanical, without any ingredients. Suitable for all uses: eaten raw, fried, sauces, salads, etc..

b. Olive Oil: is a blend of virgin oil and refined oil. Refined oils come from olives damaged, usually from olives harvested once falls to the ground, which give a bad taste and odor and are not suitable for direct consumption. So in an industrial process are refined to correct these defects and allowed no smell or taste. Then add a portion of extra virgin olive oil to enhance the flavor. In this industrial process lose some of its attributes, characteristics and nutritional properties.

c. Olive Pomace Oil: mix comes from virgin oil and refined pomace oil. The latter comes from the second extraction on the remains of bone, skin and olive pulp (called pomace).

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