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The olive oil polyphenols

The extra virgin olive oil, consumed along with a Mediterranean diet, is beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Numerous studies demonstrate the anti-inflammatory power of polyphenols that help protect against atherosclerosis. In addition, olive oil is rich in oleic acid (C18: 1). It is a monounsaturated fat (MUFA) cardiosaludable, increasing HDL (good), without increasing the total cholesterol. Its therapeutic...


What is extra virgin olive oil?

It is the juice of the olive natural. For this, we choose the best quality olive newly picked from the tree, to which they are subjected to mechanical pressure or by physical means to extract the precious “liquid gold”. The extra virgin olive oil is the king of olive oils. Their organoleptic (smell, color and taste) and their antioxidant capacity...


Nutritive value of virgin olive oil

Premium quality. Request quote. The extra virgin olive oil is a must in a healthy diet. It has a very interesting composition from the nutritional point of view, as it helps prevent some chronic diseases. It is a food high in antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin E (tocopherol). It is also rich in other natural compounds such as carotenes and...