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LG de Leza García

Red Wine LG. Rioja Tradition.

The Leza García family aims to return to its beginnings by creating this wine as their work-of-art, one singular vineyard; where the reason for being quality winemakers, the value of our lands, the roots and pride of our life is best expressed. TECHNICAL FILE LG wine is made with carefully selected 100% Tempranillo grapes from our eldest family owned vineyards....


Valdepalacios. Young Rosé. Rioja.

BEST BUY!!! TECHNICAL FILE This wine is prepared mainly with Garnacha variety grapes and a small part of Viura, by means of a controlled temperature system in order to maintain the typical aromas and flavours of the grapes. TASTING NOTE Clean, bright colour. Intense, fresh and fruity aroma. Very mild entry which gradually develops to form an ample volume in...


Valdepalacios. Young White. Rioja.

BEST BUY!!! TECHNICAL FILE Prepared exclusively with Viura variety grapes, by meand of controlled temperature system. TASTING NOTE Pale in colour with green tones. It has intense and fruity aroma which denotes its youth. Light and balance, very pleasant and tasty palate. Persistent in mouth. Typical acidity making it a lively wine. link: http://www.bodegasleza.com/en/vinos/valdepalacios_blanco_joven.html


White Fermented in Barrel

Our sole objective being to obtain maximum quality, we select the wines with the Leza Garcia family brand. Our Red, Reserva, Gran Reserva and White fermented in barrel, are the pride of our winery. TECHNICAL FILE 100% Viura varietal wine, prepared with a selection of the best grapes. It has been left in American oak barrels for 100 days. The...