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Sandwich Bar. Dairy Product / Melted Cheese

Perfect for Sandwich and Burger Ideal for catering, sandwich manufacturers, communities, and widely used in hotel breakfast … Ideal for slicing. Economic product. Maximum yield. 3 kgs Bar (or industrial block) Other varieties Gouda, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Emmental, etc.. Consumer Direct, oven, iron, microwave Lifetime bar / block 180 days, slicing 90 days, 60 days grated

63 Queso Fundido Premium CHEDDAR LONCHAS 200G_

Cheddar Processed Cheese

  Ideal for slicing. Very natural appearance and flavor.  Homogeneous melt.  Maintains an elastic texture on cooling, not become stiff.  FORMATS: 1. BARS:       3 kgs and 20 kgs 2. SLICED:   1 kg, 800 grs, 200 grs, 120 grs 3. GRATED: 1 kg and 2 kgs 4.   DICE SHAPED CUT: 1 kg, 800 grs Cheddar cheese...