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Sliced ​​Ham Specialist Provider.

Spanish Serrano ham sliced ​​and ready to eat. We can offer any type of format and weight as your business needs. Minimum curing nine months. Special sandwiches, salads, stuffed, sauteed vegetables, cakes, pizzas, etc.. Countless applications. Semi-fat ham and sweet. Sliced ​​ham and interleaved. Trays of gas from 60 grs. up to 1 kg.

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Sliced Ham Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

Request quote for our most demanded!!! Modified atmosphere packaging (also called protective atmosphere) is to replace the atmosphere surrounding the food by a gas mixture appropriate to allow control and microbial enzymatic reactions, slowing the degradation of food and increasing lifetime. The advantages of interleaved sliced ham modified atmosphere packaging are:      Maintains product quality (appearance, color, taste, texture, smell,...