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jamon loncheado

Sliced Ham Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

Request quote for our most demanded!!! Modified atmosphere packaging (also called protective atmosphere) is to replace the atmosphere surrounding the food by a gas mixture appropriate to allow control and microbial enzymatic reactions, slowing the degradation of food and increasing lifetime. The advantages of interleaved sliced ham modified atmosphere packaging are:      Maintains product quality (appearance, color, taste, texture, smell,...

centro jamon deshuesado 12 meses collell

Cured Ham “V” Centre +12 Months

Customer submitted photo; shows ham center received. He send us the photo to our own monitoring and congratulate us because it is a small center, compact, half-fat and sweet taste. Boning, ideal for cutting machines. The center weighs 4,200 kgs. Cured: approximate 13 months. Tag E.T.G. We just confirmed order for 500 units. vacuum and unlabeled.

centro jamon 9 meses

9 Months Cured Ham Center

This is the 9 months cured ham center that one of our customer has ordered us. Ham ready for the cutting machine, slice your own ham center to preserve the maximun taste and flavour. Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets. Very used in the preparation of ready-made food like pizzas, croquettes, sandwiches and etc.